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Hello everyone, I am Thien Do from Vietnam. I have experienced work in the restaurant since I was

a young boy, and have gained knowledge in cooking by many different chefs. I realized that cooking was one of my passion and loved to create elevated version of the original recipes to have the best tastes. I went on to further hone my skills by attending Saigon school. Then, I owned my very first child, a local seafood restaurant in Vietnam. After 2 years, I expanded my business up to fine dining restaurant seafood with garden view (also containing VIP rooms with ultimate service) not just providing the best food but also the best view in the city (Huong Viet restaurant), so the customers could have the best experiences after hard day working. 

After 6 years, I immigrated to US and had started over again. I began working 12 hours shift at restaurants to not just get to know more about the working environment here but also integrate into the new culture. I have traveled many states, and wanted to open an Cajun Seafood Boil restaurant here in Minnesota. And voila! now we have King Cajun, with all my love and experiences that I had, I want to provide the good food and the good services for everyone.   

Thank you for all of your supports to my family business over the time. 


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